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Choke valve is one of the equipment assembled at the end of the Christmas tree.


Choke Valve is used for sizing of flow of well. Chokes can be adjustable(Variable orifice) and positive or fixed orifice type. Adjustable choke valve has indicator mounted on the stem,  which is operated by handwheel. Indicator has markings calibrated in 64th of inch or Coefficient of flow Cv or Stroke in inches or millimeters. As handwheel turns, the choke valves opens and closes and orifice gets bigger or smaller.


Choke Valves are right angle type or inline type. Orifices used in Choke Valves are stem and needle seat style, plug and cage, or rotating disk type.


Engineer calculate  the flow of  well by finding out orifice dia. opening from the  indicator of the choke valve with using other factors such as  Fluid(Gas or Oil) Pressure (2000-20000 psi) and type of fluid and other scientific data of the fluid.


The choke valve is used to monitor and control the flow of the well.  Positive choke valves have  a fixed orifice and adjustable choke valves have variable orifice controlled by handwheel or actuator.


Advance specialize in choke valves and also we design our own choke valves and also we make all type of indicators for OEM  customers who are manufacturing their brand of the choke Valves also.

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