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A valve company owner once said, “ if given the choice, I’d only be in the replacement parts business.”


Wellhead chokes and gate valves operate in highly erosive and sometimes corrosive environments. Bodies, bonnets, gates, seats, and stems are  prone to washing out. Most wellhead chokes and valves imported from eastern Asia were purchased without a reliable source of replacement parts.  AFP has exploited this supply-demand imbalance as the parts must be made under the API 6A quality specification.


Following the Deepwater Horizon explosion, the American Petroleum Institute has considerably increased its documentation requirements, the  depths at which its audits probe, and the severity of its penalties – often the revocation of the API License. Here too, AFP has availed its meticulous  adherence to API standards and requirements for hire by branded equipment manufacturers who have lost their licenses.


AFP can economically drive higher operating margins for these business lines with the net impact being internal overhead of API records keeping.  The in-house web based document server facilitates the consistent flow of API replacement parts and API Monogrammed equipment.


Wellhead equipment is a generic name for all the equipment assembled on production tree of the gas and oil platform well.


Wellhead equipment consists of Choke Valves, Gate Valves, Tubing Hangers, Master Valves, Crosses, Tees, Flanges, Back Pressure Valves, Casing Hangers, Bull Plugs, Manifold, Actuators or Valve operators. Tubings and Casings  inside the Christmas Tree also make a part of Wellhead Equipment.


 These equipment are assembled on Chrismas tree or on offshore and/or onshore production platform. The well produces gas or oil or combination of gas/oil. Tubings in center hang with the Tubing Head hangs all the way down 1000 - 10000 feet to a reservoir in the earth or sea.


 Wellhead equipment high-pressure equipment with pressure ranging from 2000 psi to 20000 psi(lbs per square inch) 


American Petroleum Institute regulates the product design and specification including materials based upon the requirement from the customers or contractor installing the Chrismas Tree or wellhead equipment.

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