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When it comes to manufacturing custom products Advanced Flow Products, (AFP) is your best partner and best choice. We understand that entrusting any manufacturer with executing your vision is a major decision. You need to be able to focus on the core of your business while we get the job done.  That’s why we have developed and integrated procedures (API & ISO) to deliver what you need it. AFP provides complete turnkey manufacturing and assembly services and gives you one of the most cost-effective ways to have your components, assemblies and product built to your specifications and delivered just in time to your destination.

With the API License, AFP has for years provided Turn-Key Manufacturing of component parts for FMC, T3 Energy / NOV, Cameron, GE, Oil &  Gas, Shaffer, and many others. With its engineering design team, talented machine operators, available capacity, and exceptional vendor  relationships, AFP can be instrumental in any strategic’s supply chain. Similarly, many of the parts AFP contract manufacturers fall under the API standard which carries a favorable price premium over non-API  machined parts.


Our staff works closely with you to professionally manage the entire project on your behalf. Send us your specifications, drawings or hand sketch and we will work with your vision and turn it into reality. Call us today!

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